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FuzzTabs is an extension for the Google Chrome browser which organizes your tabs in a vertical, scrollable list and enables you to search in your tabs.


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How To

  1. Ctrl + Shift + F opens the FuzzTabs popup.
  2. In the searchbar you can search by your tabs titles and URLs.
  3. Click on the tab which you want to focus.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Tab Cycle trough Tabs (and searchbar), beginning at the searchbar, moving down.

Shift + Tab Cycle trough Tabs (and searchbar), beginning at the currently selected element, moving up.

Enter Set focus on the selected tab (you have to select a tab in your search results before)


Your data will not be used for anything else than the FuzzTabs functionality.

Requested Permissions

FuzzTabs only uses the permissions it needs.

See the Google Chrome documentation for more information about permissions.


Requested because FuzzTabs needs to read the titles, URLs and the URLs of the favicons of your tabs.

Screenshot of the tabs permissions